Virtual Tours Wirral Has A Facebook Page

We just love 360 virtual tour content and the 360 community is growing every year. Facebook provides a 360 platform for users that have an account can post unlimited amount of 360 content. It has been known for years that using 360 content within social media posts gain massive followings. The right image and a well written article can make marketing campaigns go crazy with likes and shares. Boosting your brand to the very top of rankings with maximum exposure when considering Google virtual tours start from about £250 for small businesses.


Sharing your content is so easy, add a 360 image to your Facebook post and it adds an eye catching engaging element. Facebook is an amazing marking tool that is free to use. You can post a 360 photo sphere like the one shown above using these simple steps –

Step 1: Create a post and select add a photo or video.

Step 2: Select your image to insert into the post.

Step 3: Upload and write something cool about your 360 image.

Step 4: Then post and watch the likes flood in!

We recommend that if you are a small to medium sized business should use 360 immersive images for their digital campaigns. Having an interactive 360 image will maximise your enagments with your audience. They will stay on your timeline for longer and are more likely to leave comments and likes when compared to a regular flat image.

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