Ok Virtual Tours Are here, But What Are They?

Virtual Tours Wirral will try to explain, in layman’s terms – A 360 virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. It is being used for all sorts of applications including building/construction that enables these industries to help with planning and show locations safely to stakeholders anywhere in the world. According to WiKi this is what a virtual tour is but since it’s conception creation specialists like Virtual Tours Wirral have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with VR.

360 Industries

Other industries that benefit from using 360 products and virtual tours:

  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hair salons & boutiques
  • Estate Tours
  • Museums
  • Markets & Outdoor stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Estate Agencies

There are so many intuitive ways that businesses of all sizes are utilising the latest 360 virtual reality advances to their advantage. Many industries have been adding virtual tours to their websites emphasising aspects of interest that they want to highlight. When used alongside conventional social media and marketing channels the effects can boost website visits, leads, impressions and branding. The ease of sharing virtual areas to clients via a link makes life simple when describing gym facilities for instance or a brand new tanning salon.

The attention a virtual tour can bring:

  • Boost branding via social media – the virtual tour will attract new visitors to your page/website boosting brand awareness. Virtual Tours Wirral provide 360 images that can be shared and used on social media platforms as part of the package.
  • A professional Google business tour can bring in lots of organic new clients due to being found more extensively across Google platforms.
  • We can create special bespoke virtual tours that have built in CTA’s call to actions that can direct clients to POI’s points of interest within your website or let the client skip ahead to the place they came to see via a bespoke thumbnail menu.
  • Google search rankings will improve over time, the more your tour gets seen gaining client trust boosting click through rates and conversions.

These are just some of the ways a virtual tour can help grow your businesses online presence.

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